Pornstars Parties

With the help of our party planner DJ Moonie, we'll keep you updated right here with all the latest venues, dates, times, and DJ's at every Pornstars Party all through the week. Everything you need to know is here.

If you've never been to one of our groups parties then you really should! Especially if you're looking to get started on the scene. There is no better way to introduce yourself, begin making making friends, or networking your way into some hot porn projects, than at a Pornstars event.

See you at one soon! x


The Abbey 

Host Zuby DJ Ayara aka Pinky 
1-3 pm

Tuesdays : Watch group Notices For Random Venues/Parties.


Porn*Stars Nightclub Humpday Party

1-3 pm SLT : 

Dirty Little Girl DJ Moonie
Host Emily

Hard Alley's Humpday Party 

7-9 pm SLT : 
Dirty Little Girl DJ Moonie
themed parties Fetish or BDSM Style Dress


Nak's Garage

Host Aya
DJ Nakuru
1-3pm SLT : PS party
Host Pinky DJ Nak


Club Yana

1.00PM SLT - 3.00PM SLT. With DJ Yana.

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Porn*Stars Pool Party.

DJ Zoey or Yana1-3 pm slt
Host Emily


Official Party - Club Yana

DJ Yana spins her tunes.

1.00 PM SLT - 3.00 PM SLT.

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Anyone wanting to host a party at their place, I only have two rules

#1 Must be on a ADULT SIM or at least let us have the freedom to BE PORNSTARS

#2 NO HOMESTEADS it's not fair for people to have to fight for their right to party no matter what the song says lol and with your staff very few of us would get the chance to come,

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